The theory behind the butterfly effect is that any good deed, however small, creates a ripple effect that can change the world. Supporting a cause we hold dear, being environmentally-friendly, helping our fellow man, and encouraging our kids to achieve their full potential are all simple things we can do to create a butterfly effect.

Butterflies carry rich symbolism of universal appeal. Depending on the culture and belief system, butterflies can represent womanhood or the desire for immortality. Butterflies also symbolize birth, change and transformation. Inspired by the symbolism of the butterfly effect, the Bfly® jewellery collection expresses our desire to make this a better world.
The name, DIZEO, comes from the Spanish root word for “deseo” or desire. True to its intent, Dizeo fulfills every woman’s deepest desire to own a piece of jewelry with truly unparalleled craftsmanship and mesmerizing brilliance.

Dizeo’s sterling silver jewelry is hand-set by craftsmen with our brilliant Deso Simulated Diamonds, which is guaranteed to captivate her attention. Combined with the unique color palette of white, rose or yellow 18K gold over sterling silver, our unique metal work and lustrous shine enhances the beauty of each and every piece of jewelry.

The cornerstones of Dizeo’s designs are our stunning Deso Simulated Diamonds and gemstones, which perfectly matches the vibrant and brilliant of a natural flawless diamond. Their incomparable sparkle and coveted purity of color defines them as exalted treasures. Each stone is hand cut with extreme precision allowing optimal light reflection. Light enters the stone and is refracted though countless prisms and facets, creating a firework display of color and vivacity.


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